A people approach to investing

Focusing on the right knowledge and the right people, we are the go-to boutique investment firm for organizations seeking an entrepreneurial, collaborative and hands-on approach.

People, the power behind investment

We believe that the key to successful growth is having the right management team in place. At Certitude Partners, our goal is to invest proactively in companies with strong potential and to help them reach new heights.

We work on businesses using our diverse backgrounds and skills: strategy, finance and people. Our formula is to assess the risk, study the industry and then join forces to make our acquisition a success. We look for opportunities that thrive when this formula is applied.

Our Growing Portfolio

These days, we focus on HVAC, medical mobility and non-discretionary businesses. Occasionally, we invest in other industries as we like to support brilliant ideas.

A Domino Formula

We use a unique approach to emulate the partner experience that we liked best.

Our Complementary Expertise

Andrew Schwartz

Andrew Schwartz is an entrepreneur who has co-founded, grown and sold many businesses. Based on this solid background, he brings his ability as a visionary to Certitude Partners. Previously, Andrew was the president of a healthcare products and equipment company, and is currently chairman of the board for two companies, PDG Mobility and SportsIQ.

Randy Margalith,


Randy Margalith is a chartered accountant, and is IFRS certified. He spent seven years as VP of Finance for Advanced Health Care Products, and has also worked as a financial consultant in real estate development and software development. He currently sits on the board of directors for PDG Mobility, a medical mobility company. In his role at Certitude Partners, he is head of M&A and also leads HVAC portfolio development.

Brent Cutmore

Brent Cutmore has 20 years’ experience as a self entrepreneur, mainly in the textile and medical device fields. The personalized approach behind Certitude Partners comes from Brent, who is a natural at nurturing and building collaborative relationships, and easily acts as the bridge between the teams on the ground and CP.

Maybe you’re looking for a partner or want to hand your business over to a new leader. Perhaps you need help venture scaling. Or maybe investors or employee owners want to opt out by selling out. Our formula is based on 25 years of buying, building, and running companies together – and we’re ready to share our solutions to the pain points you’ll find on any expansion journey.

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